CABARET'S YEARS In the year 1975, back in France from a stay at Moscow University, Bielka meets Marc de Loutchek, who just opened the cabaret « Balalaïka ». He is looking for a typically russian female voice. Bielka sets down at « Balalaïka's » which soon becomes the rallying point for all amateurs for « authentic expression ». Follows a recording of 2 CDs « Balalaïka » which brings together numerous artists of the Russian emigration.
THE SCENE Bielka leaves the cabaret for the stage. Numerous concerts, among them : . Théâtre de la Renaissance in 1985 . Casino de Paris . UNESCO . Concerts in many festivals
YOUNG PEOPLE'S SHOW To make children know russian popular music, Bielka and Pierre Jacquet-Prytkov set up « Ballade for Balalaïka » which will go touring for four years in all parts of France within the « Jeunesses Musicales de France ». Creation of « Russian Partition » at the « Théâtre des Athévains » in Paris.
She rejoins the Kazansky's Choir for a concert at "l'Olympia".
THEATRE «Madame Rose» in the play « Les éblouissements de Monsieur Maurice », staged by Claude Merlin, from Maurice Fourré's work. Theater « Lavoir Moderne Parisien » ( May and June 1998 )…
Then she goes up on stage at the  « Comédie Française » and she takes part in the musical creation of Matthias Langhoff's play « Lenz, Léonce et Léna ».
INTERNSHIPS Meanwhile, Bielka gives lessons of voice awakening and polyphonic initiation using eastern, russian, tzigan songs and so on... She has studied different forms of singing among which the indian song with Kakoli Sengupta, diphonic song with Tran Quang Haï and passes on her passion for traditionnal songs to whoever wants. Traditionnal songs are a real source of energy, of harmony with other people, a real therapy for soul and body. Bielka makes hers this Eskimo chaman's saying : « Singing is the breath which sanctifies the act of living ».
SOULIKO Souliko   makes   her   first   steps   on   stage   at   the   age   14,   within   the russo-gréorgien   du   même   nom   ballet   of   the   same   name«   Souliko   »   , whose    artistic    director    and    choregrapher    is    none    other    but    her father. Then   she   start   singing      duets   with   her   mother,   Bielka   ,   who   at   that     time makes the beautiful hours of cabaret " Balalaika ". Time   passing,   the   duet   Bielka   and   Souliko   asserts   itself   as   such   and delivers concerts  in many festivals and recorded the CD  " Bielka and Souliko ". Parallely   Souliko   began   a   career   as   an   actress   ,   including   "the   great Maïkoff coffee" under the direction of Thierry and Lavat, and "    The    Seven    Princesses    "    of    Materlinck    ,    under    the    direction    of Claude Merlin
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